"My b/f surprised me by scheduling Jeremy to come to our house on my b-day and it was the best surprise ever!  Jeremy is absolutely awesome - I've gotten probably hundreds of massages in my life and he is absolutely THE BEST!  

I like deep tissue massage with a lot of strong pressure and most of the time, the massage therapists are simply physically unable to deliver that kind of pressure (and certainly not for the entire session).  Jeremy doesn't have that problem - he can go as deep as you can stand it.  I had a lot of stress and tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back and his very relaxing, yet incredibly strong kneading and pressing literally made me melt on the table :)  

He also used some wonderful aromatherapy essential oils, brought his own music and overall, he made the entire experience a lot better than I've had at any day spa. 

FYI - Jeremy is the quintessential "big, strong guy" - and for me, that makes him the ideal massage therapist who can deliver the kind of strong pressure I like. I would highly recommend him for deep tissue and sports massage. 

Finally - Jeremy will come to your home and his prices are very reasonable (in fact, they are significantly lower than any spa - I guess he doesn't have the "overhead" and he gets to keep all of his fee).  Having a truly wonderful, relaxing, "melt-on-the-table" massage in my house on my b-day was the best gift ever!  

His cell is (707) 738-9542, email J.Abraham94558@gmail.com

Very highly recommended!"

-Hannah S

"Best massage of my life!!!! Jeremy is a true artist in massage and healing! I have been going to Jeremy for a couple years now. I started regular massage appointments because I had nerve problems in my neck and upper back that required a double fusion. At first I went to Jeremy to release the muscle tension prior to surgery and then continued after to aide in my recovery. I continue regular appointments now as part of my therapy and just to keep my back healthy. 

Jeremy's knowledge and ability to help release pain and tension have been a key to my recovery. 

He is the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to!"

-Robin O

"Jeremy is Awesome! I highly recommend him to anyone who likes deep tissue massage!"

-Ali D

"Jeremy is the best massage therapist I have ever had! Very thorough, professional, and is all about catering to customers needs. .. I've tried other massage therapists, but none take the time and care that Jeremy does. Seriously the BEST! Highly recommend him :D your customers."

- Monica H.

"Jeremey has been THE best massage therapist that I've ever had. As beach volleyball player that is always training and playing tournaments, I've always had some tough knots to work with. Jeremey instinctively knows how to work with my muscles and joints and get them relaxed, calmed down, stretched and pliable again. Not an easy job! I recommend Jeremey to anyone who needs help getting their body back to feeling loose and happy." 

-Shay M.

"As a Spa / Salon owner it is extremely important to me clients are always satisfied and happy with their services.  Jeremy came to us with a combined 9 years of Luxury Hotel experience here in the Napa Valley. He is always early, very professional. Client's LOVE him and his Massage skills.   "Best massage I have ever had!" is a common reference of his service.  Rocklin and Roseville are very lucky to have this Professional in their area.  You couldn't ask for more with the massage in the comfort of your own home, ENJOY!"

-Lynnae Emery,Owner, Terrace Spa Napa Valley

  " Jeremy is amazing!!! The pressure is always perfect and doesn't stop until the knots are completely gone. 

He is very professional and is great. I highly recommend him. I always walk out of there feeling like a jelly fish."

- Megan McClane

"Jeremy is the best!! Great pressure and very attentive to what your body needs. Having over 12 years massage experience, he is very in tuned to what you and your body need to relieve tension and maintain a healthy physical and mental body. Book with him today!!"

-Alli G     


"I've been to several massage therapists and finally found the one who has helped me with every ache or pain that I come in with. Jeremy is personable as well as professional and will go out of his way to be available and work with your schedule. I won't go to anyone else now!"

-Laura M

"I work out 5 days a week, and my body was in dire need of a massage. I went to Jeremy for a deep tissue massage. My experience was wonderful! It was hands down the best massage I ever had. And I have problem areas, hips and low back, and Jeremy seemed to know exactly where the knots were and worked to get out all the tightness and tension in my lower back, especially. Jeremy really picked up on what my body needed. 

I left feeling amazing! 

Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. I sincerely doubt you'll be disappointed. I know I can't wait for next month to go again."

-Melissa W

"By far best massage Ive ever had. I've had a kink in my back that was causing my spine to shift alignment. With just a 15 minute complimentary massage, Jeremy was able to not only able to find the knot, but fix it and ever since then my spine is back to normal and my muscles are working the way they should. 10 stars all day, everyday."

-Austin P

"In life, we want great things. When it comes to our bodies, we want even better. Jeremy willhave your back, neck, hips, and everywhere in between. He has a ton of knowledge and intuition like no other. His hands do all the talking and weeks later, the message is still there. He is the Massage doctor EVERYONE NEEDS! Not to mention a warm smile and friendly voice to help ease the stress even more. Massage Matters and Jeremy knows that."

-Melanie M

'By far the BEST massage I have ever got. Jeremy is a wonderful masseuse. I have chronic migraines and constantly am contacting Jeremy to get me in for a massage as soon as he can and he does every time and never fails me. Best deep tissue massages I have ever received."

-Nikki P

"100% recommend Jeremy for your massage needs! I am constantly hurting myself and after seeing him my back was pain free. Very relaxing and comfortable environment while still receiving a great, deep tissue massage. There is no sacrifice in comfort. I definitely recommend paying him a visit!"

-Sophia F

"Jeremy gives an excellent massage.  I have a bulging disk and am constant back pain.  He worked on me for 75 minutes, and in all honestly, my back hasn't hurt since!  If you are looking for a therapist who can relax you yet also work on your issues, he is the one.  I can not recommend him enough!"

-Joey H

"BEST MASSAGE EVER!!!! Always makes me feel better. The sore muscles and aches and pains of life are completely lifted after a massage from Jeremy!"

-Amy F

"By far the best massage ever!!! I recommend this man to any one and everyone his experience in massage therapy is over top!! He is the best of the best!!!"

-Maggie B